LinearGuideRailVerticalMachiningCenterSeries,LinearGuideRailVerticalMachiningCenterSeriesOrderparameter_猫先生娱乐 LinearGuideRailVerticalMachiningCenterSeries,LinearGuideRailVerticalMachiningCenterSeriesOrderparameter_猫先生娱乐

Linear Guide Rail Vertical Machining Center Series

  • Model:VMC-50S
  • Category:Linear Guide Rail Vertical Machining Center Series
  • Price:咨询
  • Origin:chongqing

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This machine adopts bed-type cross slippery platform structure and has a good structural configuration. It has enough strength, rigidity and stability, both the manufacturability and maintenance are good. Through repeated experiment, this machine is proved to have good dynamic property, high precise motion accuracy control, stable machining precision and good stability. It can automatically finish the milling, boring, drilling, tapping, reaming, and other machining processes without changing the clamping method. It’s easy to operate and maintain, extremely suits for batch processing of components and parts. It’s an ideal equipment for automobile and motorcycle parts, military, valve, textile, print, package, mold and other mechanical manufacturing industry, it’s also suitable for vocational education and training.