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Double axis horizontal machining center

  • Model:HMC-40S/2
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Description of main structural features:

HMC-40S/2 biaxial horizontal machining center is the company's independent design leading products, using the international whole movable column bed structure. The whole structure layout is reasonable. It has high strength, rigidity and stability. And the maintenance process is good enough. Based on repeated experiments the dynamic performance and the accuracy of motion is good. The machining accuracy is stable and good. Contour milling and plane milling can be completed in one time. Four faces can be milling, drilling, reaming, boring, reaming, tapping and so on. It is most suitable for medium and small batch, multi variety of box parts and the processing of complex shape surface. It can save craft equipment, shorten the production cycle and improve processing accuracy. Widely used in mechanical and electronic departments. It is the necessary products of modern national defense industry, automobile manufacturing, tractor, mold, light industrial machinery and machine tool industry technical transformation, equipment replacement. The machine has double spindle structure. Two main shaft arranges in the left and right sides. It has high machining efficiency. It can clamp 4 workpieces in one time and simultaneously process two workpieces. At the same time of machining worpieces, the operator can load and unload the workpieces, which greatly improves the production efficiency. The machine can also fix industrial manipulator, which can automatic load and unload workpieces. One person operates more than one machine, which can reduce labor costs, improve work efficiency and save cost for the user.

The machine is equipped with the positive-displacement lubricating system, the applying-oil condition of every oil-way can be clearly known. (Oil indicating rod is on the distributor. lubrication system storages oil when pressurized. At the same time indicating rod extend. lubrication system lubricates oil after unloading. Indicator rod withdrawal.) So that it achieves the precise lubrication of each feed shaft.

The machine ball screw special bearing is lubricated with thin oil. The machine has the advantages of maintenance-free, good lubrication effect and so on. The service life of the ball screw is improved. Temperature rising is limited. The machine accuracy is improved.

The installation support parts (motor seat and bearing seat) of machine three axis feed system is completely ensured by machine processing. It greatly improves the assembly efficiency and assembly quality. Accuracy retention is significantly improved.

Standard BT40 main shaft which equipped with air curtain protection device completely avoid the cutting fluid and dust.

The standard main drive system of the machine spindle box uses high power (9/11KW). The machine main drive uses the Taiwan belt-type main shaft. The speed reduces by 1:1.5. The main shaft output torque is improved. The main axis uses precision rolling bearings. The dynamic accuracy and precision is high. And the stability is good.

Spiral chip removing device is fixed in the machine. Cutting washing device is used to automatically washing the chip in time. It avoids chip thermal effecting on machine and ensures high machining precision.

The commissure made by machine sagging protective curtain and Z axis guide guard is tight, which residues no cutting.

The spindle automatic releasing and clamping tool position adjustment is simple and reliable. Spindle automatic releasing and clamping tool cutter head and Spindle automatic releasing and clamping tool oil cylinder piston are connected together by a precision thread. Adjusting the position of the loose broach only need to be rotated in or out of the loose broach cutter head. Adjusting the distance of it with spindle broach end, so as to realize the precise adjustment of the top tool. And then adjust the position of the locking plate. Lock the Spindle automatic releasing and clamping tool cutter head.

The position of spindle ring-type nozzle is optimized. They are placed on the left and right sides of the spindle. It solves the tool handle pollution problem of the residual machine cutting fluid in changing the tool.

Each axle guide uses imported heavy load linear guide. The preload is V3-level. The bearing is high. The precision is stable.