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Moving cylinder horizontal machining center

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This machine uses Moving column structure. The fixed table avoids the workpiece accuracy affecting caused by table moving. Machine slide moves on the bed which constitutes X-axis travel. Column moves on the slide which constitutes Z-axis travel. Headstock moves on the column which constitutes the Y-axis travel. The fixed table fixes hydraulic rotary table, which meet mass and automated production. This is the improved automated machine.

X, Y, Z three-way guide use ball linear guide. The machine responses fast and bear more. High-precision linear guide have the advantage of high positioning accuracy, low friction coefficient, light moving and so on. It avoids the slow-speed moving phenomenon of the machine. Feed drive uses the direct-joint mode of precision ball screw and servo motor. It takes a pre-stretching when fixes screw. It is limited the machine accuracy affecting caused by the heat deformation of screw.

The main drive of the machine tool adopts the Taiwan belt-drive type spindle. The main shaft uses the precision rolling bearing. The dynamic precision and static accuracy is good. And the stability is good.

The machine adopts the Taiwan cam-type mechanical hand tool storage, which has a short time of tool change and reduces the auxiliary time. And it provides a powerful guarantee for ensuring the processing time.

Parts can be processed automatically in one clamping, just like milling, drilling, expansion, boring, reaming, tapping and other processes. The processing efficiency is high. It improves production efficiency and reduce costs for enterprises. The using, operation and maintenance is convenient. And it can carry out high-speed drilling, high precision tapping and so on. The machine is widely used in many kinds of general machinery, automobile and motorcycle parts, injection mold, casting steel mold and other products. It is particularly applicable to the workshop batch processing products and automatic production line.