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Moving column vertical machining center

  • Model:VTC-32S/2
  • Category:Moving column vertical machining center
  • Price:咨询
  • Origin:Chongqing

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The machine uses the worktable fixed position, column moving structure, three axis adopts linear ball guide structure, advanced and novel design, reliable precision stable bed structure layout is reasonable, the machine has enough strength, rigidity and stability, good maintenance process. After repeated experiments and the dynamic performance of machine tool, precision motion control accuracy, precision and stability and processing parts can be installed in a complete automatic milling, drilling, reaming, boring clamps, reaming and tapping and other machining process, the machining center is 2/3 higher efficient than the traditional ones, greatly improve the production for enterprises efficiency and reduce cost; its convenient operation and maintenance, can carry out high-speed drilling, high precision tapping, this machine is widely used in all kinds of general machinery, automobile and motorcycle parts, injection mold, casting, communication products, especially suitable for enterprise production batch processing products and automatic production line equipment, X/Y/Z three axis installation of grating ruler, can detect errors in mechanical transmission (such as error motion characteristics of ball screw pitch position error. The temperature characteristics of wire rod backlash. ), the feedback loop control system is modified to achieve high precision positioning.