RotationTypeFlexibileAutomaticManufactureLine,RotationTypeFlexibileAutomaticManufactureLineOrderparameter_猫先生娱乐 RotationTypeFlexibileAutomaticManufactureLine,RotationTypeFlexibileAutomaticManufactureLineOrderparameter_猫先生娱乐

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Rotation Type Flexibile Automatic Manufacture Line

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项目(Item)                  单位(Unit) 规格(Specification)
娱乐单元数量            (Production Number) 4/5/6(每个单元可三轴联动)                                                        (Each production unit have 3 axis which can move at same time)
mrcat直径                    (Working Table Dia.) mm φ800/φ1200/φ1400
下载mrcat等分数               (Index No. of Rotation Table) 4/5/6
夹具等分数                          (No. of Fixture)  4/5/6
  (X stroke)
mm 150/350(Optional)
  (Y stroke)
mm 100/150(Optional)
  (Z stroke)
mm 100/150(Optional)
X/Y/Z导轨形式                 (X/Y/Z Track Type)   滚柱直线导轨 Roller Linear Track
X/Y/Z快速移动速度          (X/Y/Z Rapid Feedrate) m/min 10/10/6
X/Y/Z轴驱动电机/功率/扭矩      (X/Y/Z axis Drive Motor Power/Torqe)   1.8kw/11.5Nm
mrcat形式                        Spindle Type   Horizontal or Vertical
Number of Spindle pc one or two
mrcat转速范围                   (Spindle Speed Range) r/min 20~4000
mrcat功率/扭矩                  (Spindle Power/Torque) kw 5.5/7.5
X/Y/Z轴定位mrcat(VDI)             (X/Y/Z axis Positioning Accuracy) mm 0.01                                                                                                   (双向全程按VDI3441标准检验,bilateral measure at whole stroke base on  Standard Test VDI/DGQ 3441)
X/Y/Z轴重复定位mrcat        (X/Y/Z axis Repeatabilty Accuracy) mm 0.006                                                                                               (双向全程按VDI3441标准检验,bilateral measure at whole stroke base on  Standard Test VDI/DGQ 3441))
下载mrcat定位mrcat/重复定位mrcat      (Rotation Table Positionning and Repeatability Accuracy) ±5〃/±1"
气源压力                             (Air Pressure) MPa 0.5~0.7 (流量Flow:500L/min)
电力需求                       (Electric Power Requirement) KVA 35(3 phase AC380V±10%,50Hz±1Hz)
水箱容积                      (Cooling Water Tank Volumn) L 200
外形尺寸(长×宽×高)       Machine Size(LxWxH) mm 3500/4000/4500×5000×1900
mrcat重量                      (Machine Weight) kg 12000/13000/15000


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